Accounting & bookkeeping

Accounting services & Bookkeeping services in Poland

If you have already established your company in Poland we can provide you with a professional accounting services as well as bookkeeping services. We possess extensive knowledge, experience and resources to perform outsource accounting and bookkeeping services.
Our service can be entirely customised within the constraints of your individual expectations. Regardless, of your presence or the absence in your office our IT specialists and engineers are able to log in and check whether all your accounts are appropriately managed or accessible.
It is one of our most reliable and innovative solutions towards a problem-free, easy and pleasant company running. Our team of experts uses one of the newest methods of providing you with accounting and bookkeeping services of the highest quality. With us you can have an unlimited access to all your financials on the 24/7 basis.

What we offer:

  • professional management service of all electronic documents,
  • recording of all payroll type transactions,
  • management of accounts payable,
  • financial statement preparations,
  • recording of all revenue as well as expenses,
  • closing entries preparation,
  • adjusting entries preparation,
  • professional analyses of all finances of a given company,
  • professional attorney services, banker services, accountant services, etc.,
  • designing, testing and implementing the accounting software,
  • unmatched quality E-commerce service and solutions,
  • accounting data implementation services,
  • professional access of an employee to records showing payment
  • monthly payment(s) calculation services for income tax
  • thorough preparation of various financial reports for different bodies in Poland (e.g. Central Statistical Office)
  • preparation of all sorts of PIT, CIT and other financial documents
  • complete financial analysis of the entire company
  • trustworthy monitoring of all payments
  • and many more services

Offering such a detailed as well as wide range of available accounting services and bookkeeping services allows your company to develop in a steady and firm fashion. Our expertise are one of the most detailed you can expect. Thanks to our long-term presence we have gained a considerable as well as extremely positive feedback from foreign companies, firms, corporations of different sizes (small, medium, large), different branches, profiles of business, etc. The accountancy as well as bookkeeping services are provided by most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled engineers, accountants, IT specialists, marketing specialists and financing specialists.

Thanks to our extensive range of available financial services you can focus your work on the most necessary issues and leave the entire strategy of keeping your finances in balance and making your business develop in a rapid and safe way. As a result, your company will benefit considerably by increasing the overall profit from its trade.