Sales & distribution

Sales & distribution services in Poland for foreign companies

If you run a company that is foreign based and you can receive professional sales and distribution services in Poland. Our sales and distribution agency provides the best options for setting up the most reliable, effective and appropriate selling mode for your business as well as the distribution service and management for your products.

The sales service offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for an effective selling of your products which is the result of the following: the detailed marketing services as well as professional and individually-tailored advertising campaigns.

Thanks to our reliable and extensive experience in providing business investment support for various overseas companies we are able to offer you thoroughly and individually planned sales strategies as well as sales policies.

How we can help you:

Our company can provide you with a professional and effective support service. We can help you in:

  • discussing and choosing with you the best possible distribution method for your products (we will consider all the individual aspects characterising your company and the specification of your business in a particular industry.
  • specifying the best transaction process (this includes specifying and preparing the overall software module according to the types of orders being processed, shipped, etc., payment methods, discounts, return policy, technical and customer support, clients’ feedback, etc.)
  • choosing the best strategy for sales (all sales possibilities such as telephone soliciting, demonstrators of the products, etc., preparation of the complete advertising plan for sales, preparation and evaluation of the promotion plan, creation of the complete and comprehensive marketing plan, etc.)
  • and many more issues…

Why us:

Our distribution management agency is entirely devoted to providing foreign investors the complete set of all most important services to make your sales and distribution service well-designed and well-fitted to all the Polish norms, regulations and expectations of the clients.

Our sales and distribution services in Poland will adapt your company to the IT standards of selling and distributing your products to the Polish clients. We can offer you professional outsourcing service within several years since establishing on the Polish market in order to make the assimilation process easier for you to cope with