Seeking business partners

Seeking business partners in Poland

for foreign companies / corporations

In order to maximise the economical and financial growth of worldwide-based companies we have an excellent solution to reconcile these two mutually interrelated actions by seeking business partners in Poland. We only look for a well-established and well-known Polish trade partners which would be interested in a co-operation with the abroad company.

What we offer:

  • our agency actively seeks different sorts of companies in Poland which would match the business type of the overseas firms investing here on the Polish market
  • we take care of the entire assimilation process of Polish and foreign companies
  • we deal with the entire process of ‘partners matching’ – we search for business partners, we arrange meetings, offer outsourcing services for trade and provide professional and comprehensive marketing development
  • we provide the searching of an appropriate business partner matching the profile of the services you offer

The advantages of having a business partner:

Having a new business partner provides you with a higher possibility of attracting new clients, especially if the company present on the Polish market is a well-known one. Matching of the business with such a company will undoubtedly increase your chances of improving the reception of your brand, services as well as the treatment of the clients. Several other advantages resulting from business matching are the following:

  • expanding the number of the target markets
  • considerable increase of one’s reputation across the continent and also across the world
  • extremely attractive offers which enable you to co-operate for lower prices
  • a lot more employees are going to arrive at your company making it bigger
  • increased demand for your products
  • broadening of the range of services your company realise
  • and lots of others

Why us:

Our business matching team of marketing specialists and economists will provide you with a comprehensive, professional and highly effective way of taking your production and the overall business reputation, income and demand to a completely new level. We co-operate with lots of private and government trade agencies, industrial espionage, etc., in order to provide you with a professional, effective and long-term beneficial co-operation with Polish business partners. We always provide individual approach towards worldwide company which would like to invest in Poland.

We can provide you a complete set of information in the form of valuable and content full databases containing e-mail addresses, telephones, financial reports and summaries and several other crucial elements which prove useful while seeking for business partners in Poland.