Company representative in Poland

Foreign company representatives in Poland

Who we are:

Our company are comprehensive specialists providing highest quality foreign company representatives in Poland. We have been established in Poland with the aim of enabling foreign investors an easy, effective and beneficial representation service. We possess lots of different sorts of specialists which all take care for the proper functioning of a foreign business here in Poland. If you are a foreign investor which would like to invest in export to Poland you have to have your own representative office here.

What we do:

There are lots of different forms of help which we can offer foreign investors willing to extend their trade to include Poland as a valuable and rapidly growing market of great potential. Below are the services which we provide:

  • complete and comprehensive support in advertising the products on the territory of Poland (including the support o different forms of advertising for different market branches and including the specification of the foreign investor)
  • professional help in creating a unique and effective brand of a company in Poland
  • answering and making calls in Polish
  • receiving and sending e-mails in Polish
  • creating a virtual office of your foreign company
  • setting up your own telephone line
  • performing business calls in Polish
  • providing a trustworthy and reliable business facilities
  • receiving and keeping the correspondence
  • searching for potential business partners on the territory of Poland
  • making calls to potential business partners
  • attending business meetings
  • comprehensive and professional representation of the foreign client in front of state authorities such as offices, courts, posts, etc.
  • preparation of business contracts and signing them on behalf of the foreign investor
  • professional help in arranging multi-modal transport for the loads
  • professional translation of all the documents from Polish into the language of the foreign investor
  • preparation of the campaign in order to search for potential clients who would be interested in buying the products offered by the foreign investor
  • and lots of other services

How else we can help:

Our company can act as your business representative in Poland or we can search for the appropriate staff of people to take care of these works. The choice belongs to you which option you prefer and is best for your business. Below you can find some other representation services which will undoubtedly enhance your chances of success on the Polish market:

  • professional research of the Polish market
  • comprehensive analysis of the Polish market
  • support in company formation and registration issues on the territory of Poland
  • full marketing service on the Polish market
  • and lots of other services…

Why to choose us:

As professionals we provide complete support of the foreign business in Poland using highly effective and specialised methods as well as knowledgeable staff of experts. You can count on our professional facilitate such as databases, trade information agencies as well as partner companies in Poland with which we have cooperated for a long time now.

Apart from these issues, we can also offer you the following:

Contact us if you are interested in getting a professional, responsible rewarding and effective foreign company representatives in Poland. You can call us or send us an e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.