Why Poland

Investments in Poland advantages

Various business branches are attracted to investing in Poland. Poland is one of the biggest countries in Central-East Europe with nearly a 40 million people market, developing rapidly in various different sectors such as heavy industry, agriculture, financial services, building services, electronic services and many other. Polish engineers, designers, lawyers, builders, electricians and other specialists possess extensive experience and are flexible in terms of services they can provide.

Major benefits from investing in Poland

Below we present some of the most often cited advantages coming from investing and starting a business venture in Poland. Many of them appeared due to Poland’s membership in the European Union.

  • knowledgeable and lower-priced labour (Poland possess one of the most skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and willing to work labour. There are lots of highest quality education institutions which train and educate some of the most bright, eloquent and hard-working employees and specialists in countless branches of business. The two major factors responsible for such situations are much lower living costs and therefore appropriately lower salaries. It is mostly due to these factors that lots of foreign businesses decide to move to Poland.
  • country’s location (Poland is located almost in the centre of Europe on the area where both the Western and the Eastern trade routes go through. Poland has also the access to the Baltic sea and, therefore, an easy connection with the Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Norway and Sweden. Moreover Poland has a long common border with Germany, as well as other important countries such as Russia, the Czech Republic, or Ukraine.)
  • rapidly developing & large market (Poland’s market was the only one that did not suffer from the global financial crisis taking place from 2007. Polish economy is one of the most rapidly developing markets in Europe. Poland’s population is nearly 40 millions of people which is more than the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus with which Poland borders. Its population is also more than Spain, Portugal, Austria, and all of Scandinavia. Having also a much larger surface area than the UK, Italy and several other economically powerful countries in Europe makes Poland one of the leading markets in Central Europe.
  • rapidly growing development of infrastructure (Polish motorways, airports, inland train lines and connections are developing with an increasing rate, partly as a result of the financial support from the European Union and partly due to the state investment in Polish transport. All the biggest cities in Poland possess at least one international airport with Warsaw possessing currently two such airports – Okęcie and Modlin. Lots of these cities allow for the national and international airline connections.

Other advantages:

There are also several advantages that are a direct result of investing on the Polish market by foreign companies. Apart from the ones previously mentioned, we would like to present you with a few more:

  • attractive incentives (especially as far as taxation is concerned) as well as grants which can be used by EU-based companies and all other foreign businesses
  • low levels of corporate taxes
  • lots of international companies already present on the Polish market
  • and many others

How we help foreign investors:

Our part in dealing with a professional and effective support for all sorts of international companies this is done by providing the specialists and experts so that you can fully use all the available financial, legal and marketing resources in order to establish your company firmly on the territory of Poland.

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We provide effective help in guiding you through the entire process of a firm creation process in Poland. We arrange all the necessary documents, we represent you in banks, offices, courts, financial institutions, etc., we help you create your own virtual office in Poland with an additional help of our trustworthy workers who can take care of all the bookkeeping and accounting services and lots of other issues.

You can call us or send us an e-mail – we will contact you immediately. With us you can count on the investments in Poland advantages, invest in Poland benefits and all the other services which will turn your company into a leading company on the Polish market.