Marketing support in Poland for overseas investors

Our company provide professional and comprehensive marketing support in Poland for all business branches from the entire UK region (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), along with Europe, USA & Canada. Thanks to us you will be able to start a business in Poland and increase its value as there is a nearly 40 million people market with lots of possibilities for investment.

Our company can provide you with the following marketing services and support:

  • professional business representation in Poland (representation of smaller firms, medium companies and large corporations in offices, departments, agencies, councils and other places),
  • effective and thorough process of company formation in Poland (arranging relevant documents, representing company in offices, professional support in financial, marketing and legal issues, hiring qualified workers, engineers and the entire personnel, searching for appropriate commercial/industrial facilities to rent/purchase, etc.),
  • complete marketing service (incl. SEO optimising, outsourcing service, Adwords campaigns preparation and running, arranging meetings with potential trade partners, creating websites, translating websites into all languages, creating online shops, professional dedicated hosting service, etc.),
  • arranging complete removals and relocation of small, medium and large companies from abroad to Poland (apart from the transport itself we provide searching for an appropriate industrial site for installation of the company, comprehensive hiring of the entire personnel, complete support in establishing the facilities and infrastructure of the company, etc.),
  • comprehensive outsourcing support after establishing the entire branch of the company in Poland (effective and complex help in selling products to Poland to make the company more fluent financially, etc.),
  • professional legal advice’s,
  • financial support,
  • complete research within the Polish market,
  • professional bookkeeping service (we both arrange dedicated people for that purpose or we can also perform the works on our own,
  • and lots of other services.

Why us:

We specialise in providing foreign companies, firms and corporations the most comprehensive and the widest range of services helping a given firm to spread their wings in the Polish market. We co-operate with lots of government agencies, banks and other institutions, which makes us an ideal choice for you if you are interested in a professional and 100% guaranteed success on the international market.

Our professional experience allows us to service all sorts of businesses. Our company can be fully entrusted with every service – we always provide a professional project management and accomplish it to the last and the most detailed points. If interested in our marketing support in Poland services you can click on the links or you can contact us. Our team of professional specialists in IT marketing, legal issues, financial issues and organisational issues and lots of other services.