Business import from Poland to UK

Comprehensive business import from Poland to any country worldwide

Our company deals with reliable and professional business import from Poland to abroad. We possess extensive experience in moving companies from Poland to any other country worldwide. We can help you move your company from Poland to any country using our specialists in various special fields so that you do not have to worry about anything.


Business import from Poland to any country worldwide – our offer:

  • we provide professional and comprehensive translation support (we translate all the documents, other formal files, etc.,)
  • professional logistic support (we help you in finding a professional transport company which will ship all your equipment to the UK)
  • we take care of all the customs issues
  • we provide professional company representative services
  • we deal with all the de-registration services in Poland if required
  • our experts provide full registration support
  • our company provide the establishment of a virtual office
  • full legal support (we can hire professional lawyers and counselling agencies)
  • complete taxation support abroad (we cooperate with lots of tax-advice companies located throughout the world)
  • professional business consultancy services
  • recruitment of the entire working personnel
  • whole range of financial services
  • full marketing services world wide
  • effective and quick business start-up service
  • and lots of other services

Why to choose us:

We offer complete and comprehensive support in all the issues that have to be taken into consideration when moving a company from Poland to any other country in the world. We possess extensive experience – we have already provided exported businesses from Poland to other countries worldwide for lots of different companies (e.g. smaller, medium and large ones).

We provide knowledgeable and skilled lawyers, counsellors, bookkeeping specialists, company representatives, translators, IT specialists and many other qualified people who can set up your company abroad quickly, effectively and paying attention to all the details. Thanks to us companies moving from Poland abroad turns out to be simple and trouble-free.