Property buying

Property buying services in Poland

Whenever establishing new business abroad it is vital to find an appropriate area or a property. Due to our commitment to all the issues regarding property buying services in Poland our experts are able to offer you professional advice. Our agency and agents help you buy as well as rent all sorts of properties based on your requirements. Apart from property buying and renting we can offer valuable tax support, legal support, full marketing services and lots of other necessary services in order to properly establish and develop your business.

What we can offer foreign entrepreneurs/investors:

Our company provide lots of property buying services in Poland for all sorts of abroad-based companies which aim at bringing their production to Poland. Some of the services our company can offer are the following:

  • we represent a foreign entrepreneur when applying for the permission to buy a commercial property in Poland (the application has to be granted by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration)
  • on your behalf we present to the owner of the real estate property your offering price  and then we mediate with the owner any counter offers, in order to establish a price that is best for both parties
  • we can help you in arranging a professional notary who will take care of all the legal aspects when buying a property
  • we can arrange a professional legal counsellor to provide additional warranty that your case will be handled with more urgency by professionals
  • we provide all the necessary documents required for buying a commercial property in Poland (the application, all other documents that support the data in the application, certified documents that establish the property lawfully belongs to the foreign company)
  • we represent the foreign company in Polish government offices, legal bodies, financial bodies and administration bodies
  • we provide professional and comprehensive real estate agent services between the owner and the buyer (we inform the both sides about any changes in the proceedings towards the property buying, legal issues, taxation issues, administration issues, etc.)
  • Many other services


Why us:

The property buying services offered by our company are based on long experience, devotion to details and the professionalism of our team of specialists. Throughout the years of our existence on the property buying services in Poland we have extensive experience in supporting foreign entrepreneurs in buying commercial and industrial properties as well as lands in Poland. We provide professional renting agents who will guide you smoothly through the entire process of property buying.