Market research

Market research in Poland for abroad-based companies

Throughout all the years of our company’s activity it has solidified their place on the foreign market. They are recognised as the team of experienced marketing specialists providing comprehensive as well as reliable and effective market research in Poland for abroad-based companies. Our market research agency have been set up in order to give a chance to all sorts of English, German and other abroad-based companies to safely invest in Poland.

We co-operate with lots of Polish research agencies as well as government agencies which enables you a more thorough, conscientious as well as detailed analysis of the situation of your company, your products and the entire brand of your company from different angles – according to the needs you specify.

We have been conducting all sorts of market researches since a long time. We are characterised by scrutiny, most innovative marketing solutions for acquiring a detailed set of marketing data for various foreign companies investing here in Poland. Since our market research in Poland services are offered for a long time now, we have a lot of different types of available research projects to be executed.

Main market research types which we execute:

  • professional client-focused research providing a detailed set of data about the most popular choices made by Polish clients and customers, the loyalty to a given product, the needs that Polish customers tend to show and lots of other interesting and extremely important information about Polish clients.
  • reliable and thoroughly compiled market research focused on the products introduced by foreign companies on the Polish market. These researches and reports provide you with a trustworthy information on the chances that new products have on the Polish market. These reports and detailed researches include information on product types, their distribution, reactions of the clients to new products, etc.
  • extensive researches aiming at providing detailed descriptions and analyses of the reception of the foreign company brand, services, distribution of products, prices, client support services and all the remaining ones which together present the unique and most professional, multi-sided picture of the company on the Polish market.

Apart from the main types of research presented above we can offer you a lot more valuable researches including analyses of all the possible branches of industry present on the Polish market with their characteristic features, trends, product packing requirements, etc.

All our marketing research reports provide detailed information concerning the situation of the product on the market from the point of view of clients, Polish law requirements, distribution requirements and other sorts of ramifications. All these actions provide all the information serving as the output for further marketing and optimisation services which can be offered by us.

Thanks to our broad range of available marketing reports we can provide you with a full picture of the product’s situation on the Polish market from various different perspectives including also the visual representation of the foreign company, their brand and the potential clients.

Further market research projects which we execute:

  • research of the company’s name
  • research of the company’s brand
  • professional research on the effects of the advertising campaigns
  • website testing including also testing of the customer support service
  • special research service for the development of a product on the Polish market
  • comprehensive research on the Polish customer choices, trends, needs, etc.
  • performing public opinion research in the form of polls
  • and many more research options available for companies and firms of all sizes and specialisations

We encourage you to browse through our website for lots of other and valuable business support services for abroad-based companies which would like to invest in Poland. Some of the remaining services helping foreign companies to firmly establish their businesses in Poland include: accounting and bookkeeping, company formation services, organisation of trade exhibitions in Poland, business representation and lots of others. Contact us for further information.