Business investment in Poland

We help abroad-based companies which come to us with innovative solutions towards establishing fully-professional and beneficial business investment in Poland. Our company possess a lot of priceless experience in providing foreign based companies with extensive support related to legal issues, financial issues, establishment of the company agency in Poland and many more issues.

Throughout our existence and active help in providing all legal, financial, technical and marketing support for companies, firms and corporations we have developed into one of the leading expertise in establishing investments and new businesses not only in Poland, but also in other countries around the globe. We co-operate with lots of different government agencies, banks and other institutions in Poland and, therefore, we are able to offer you a comprehensive support in the entire process of bringing your business from abroad to Poland and making it work like never before.

Among our professional specialists we have IT specialists, E-commerce specialists, marketer, lawyers, but also reliable and fully professional translators. We invite you to contact us in case you would like us to help you and guide you through the entire process of establishing your business in Poland.

We can arrange the full and comprehensive marketing project preparation, execution and finishing. Some of our main areas of help and support for all abroad-based businesses are:

  • company formation
  • complete representation service for all abroad-established businesses in Poland
  • full marketing (including SEO optimising, creating websites, online shops, portals, etc., outsourcing, translation of web pages into all languages, etc.),
  • complete business relocation
  • establishing the business in Poland
  • taxation support
  • legal support
  • professional business analyses of the Polish market
  • and many more

Contact us directly by phone or by mail if you would like to find out more about what we do and how we can help you in establishing your own business in Poland. Our professional team of experts in marketing, law, finances and IT will help you achieve this goal for extremely attractive prices and with a 100% guarantee of success in international business.