Full marketing

Full marketing services in Poland

We can provide you with a full marketing service in Poland which, will significantly improve your overall business brand reception, financial and economical status, advertising services as well as will provide you with a professional Internet visualisation of the company in the form of advanced, multilingual websites, online shops, portals, etc. We can offer you preparation of business plans, business development plans for each individual trade branch and many more.


Why use the full marketing services in Poland?

Providing your company with a comprehensive marketing services is vital to reach the success in trade regardless in which, country you are going to invest. Our company have been set up to meet the most basic to the most complicated demands of foreign investors who wish to invest on the Polish market.


What we offer:

  • performing marketing researches of the foreign market
  • conducting analyses of the foreign market
  • preparing and the realisation of a marketing strategy
  • professional representation of the foreign company in Poland
  • professional marketing counselling service for foreign companies
  • complete support in E-branding services in Poland
  • organisation of exhibitions of all trade branches in Poland
  • professional translation of web pages, on-line shops, portals, etc., (our translators provide excellent quality translations into Polish, Czech, Slovak, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Swedish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Danish, Icelandic, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and all others)
  • translation of all advertising materials into all languages listed above
  • mediation in selling Polish companies to foreign entrepreneurs
  • mediation in selling foreign companies to Polish entrepreneurs
  • searching for potential trade partners in Poland
  • matching of trade partners
  • getting information on foreign investors
  • sales outsourcing
  • organising economic missions to Poland
  • comprehensive support in creating sales departments for foreign entrepreneurs
  • help and support in signing agreements and contracts in a trade with Polish investors
  • mediation in trading between foreign and Polish companies
  • and many other services

How do we differ with other similar companies?

Our offer is aimed at providing a full, comprehensive and best quality services of the widest range. This will allow you to properly establish your business in Poland without any worries about any legal, taxation, formal and marketing concerns that something may go wrong.

We possess well-established specialists in IT marketing, advertising ,translation services, computer graphics, creators of commercial movies for companies of all branches, professional support in outsourcing, representation of the foreign company in Poland and many other specialists who will ensure that your project is handled in a best possible way.

We cooperate with lots of Polish trade agencies, economic information agencies as well as professional lawyers and notaries in case you would need professional assistance and support in handling all the legal proceedings.

Full marketing service in Poland is an ideal way to properly establish yourself on the Polish market so that your business can become beneficial. Making use of our advertising services and marketing services will result in a professional, stable and dynamic business development of your company.